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Discover my process when

conducting a private reading

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Who Are We

About A Private Reading

My process takes me solely on the journey of spirit communication, known as mediumship.

I work differently than many other mediums out there today. 


I want to help you understand how to get the most from a private reading.


There is no voice box in the spirit world because the voice box is a physical construct of the human body so when people pass over they use manipulation of thought to impress their memories and thoughts into my mind projecting the information onto the clairvoyant vision and then backing that up with emotions and feelings.


For me, I only asked you to say three things during the entire reading yes, no or I don't know. Also, I will not look at you while I can duct my readings proving to you that I am not reading your body language or being prompted by any physical movements or expressions upon your face. 

I know that people will always have a particular person whom they wish to communicate with and most of the time they are people who are new to the spirit world. What happens is the people who have been in the spirit world the longest are the ones who know how to communicate better with a medium, they then help bring forward the people who are new to the spirit world aiding them and their communication with me….Please note this is not always the case.


Sadly I cannot guarantee that you will hear from whom you wish to hear from but please understand I will do my very best…. my direction is taken purely from spirit. I do not use cards or anything else to aim me in my communication. No Psychic work (fortune telling) is provided.

Last Minute Cancellation By George

Due to this not being an exact science there are days that you will have an appointment and I will get to my Centre to work and the spirit world may not allow me to connect, unfortunately, when that happens I am not able to work. I would rather be my most genuine and authentic self that I can be so that I am able to give you the reading that you deserve.  I would never try to force a reading so at this point I would get in contact with you via email to cancel the appointment and hopefully we can move it to a more suitable date or you're completely entitled to a full refund if another date is not suitable to you. Please note it is not my responsibility to be in charge of your email account.

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